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Quickly launch your white-label online digital bank and branded prepaid cards.

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Futurbnk Ltd. is a web, mobile and blockchain developer registered in England and Wales. We are also an authorized reseller of a BaaS platform provider in Europe. 

Our goal is to assist FinTech companies tap into the latest trend in the industry and help businesses propel on a global scale by becoming a neobank using an advanced BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) financial and payment platform provided by our partners in Europe. You can launch your very own digital banking and prepaid card management system, branded with your company name and logo, without the need to acquire your own licenses and compliance requirements - our service providers have taken care of that for you. Our technical team will be there for you from start to finish to ensure smooth implementation throughout.

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Launch your very own FinTech company, or onboard your existing business into our platform and offer a wide range of online banking and payment services to your customers, distributors and employees - in as short as one month - without the need to worry about security, compliance and licenses. Our partner is a fully-licensed service provider in Europe.


In almost all of the industries today, two of the major challenges every international company is experiencing are: how to receive payments from customers world wide; and how to disburse funds (salaries or commissions) to employees or distributors world wide. With your own white-label user account management system and custom branded prepaid cards, those challenges will become a thing of the past by enabling your users, customers, agents, employees, and so on, to receive and send payments from and to your company anywhere they are in the world. 


Need a web site, mobile app or cryptographic token for your company? Look no further, we have what you need to get started (and get done).

Once you avail of our BaaS platform and your company requires our technical expertise during the entire implementation process, we will gladly offer you our support from start to finish without the need for you to spend a lot if you hire your own technical people.



We will be showcasing here our ongoing projects and business cases so you will have a clearer idea on how we will be able to help you achieve your goals and realize your vision.

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